How The Worship Center Wins With TrainedUp

How Leadership Training Works at The Worship Center

An In-Depth Leadership Academy

For Jacin Humphrey, Pastor of Ministry at The Worship Center, he’s always been passionate about creating the processes needed to move people from membership to leadership. In the past, they’ve accomplished this with classes that met for 2 hours every Saturday for a few months. It was tough on everyone. Now, they’re leadership academy is hosted online through TrainedUp where their Deacon candidates have the ability to engage with training when it’s convenient for them. It’s been a huge win.


More Time For Relationships

With over 2500 people visiting their church each week and another 5000 watching online, it’s no surprise that Jacin and the rest of the staff are busy. By moving their training online, they’ve seen a huge increase in their ability to make more meaningful relationships and meet the needs of the individuals going through their leadership academy. Here’s what Jacin had to say about the experience:

“We’ve been able to create a process that allows us to truly see where people are at. Our entire leadership academy has been moved online and that has freed me up to spend more time meeting the individual needs of my leaders instead of just teaching them classes. We’ve also been able to focus more on creating community when we do meet together in person.”

See Who Is Ready To Lead

One of Jacin’s favorite things about TrainedUp is that he can ask engaging questions at the end of each training module to see who is grasping the material. This allows him to connect with those who are struggling and help coach them. By reviewing the completed courses, Jacin and his team can easily see who is and isn’t ready to take on a new role as a Deacon.


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