Free Webinar: What Every Small Church Pastor Needs To Know About Volunteer Training, Development, and Growth

Join Kevin Fontenot and Dale Sellers on November 14 at 10:15 AM CST

95% Of Churches Are Under 500 People

It may feel like you are alone as the leader of a ministry at a small church, but the truth is that 95% of all churches in America are under 500 people. As a leader in a small church, not everything that works for the big church down the street is going to work for you -- that’s okay.

In this webinar, Dale Sellers, Executive Director of the 95Network, and Kevin Fontenot, VP of Growth at TrainedUp are going to discuss what small church pastors need to know about volunteer training, development, and growth. This isn’t just boilerplate content by people who don’t know your struggles.

Dale and Kevin have been in your shoes and know how to help. This webinar will be a real, authentic conversation designed only to help you face the unique challenges of leading and growing a team within a small church.

Meet The Webinar Panelists


Kevin Fontenot

VP of Growth, TrainedUp

Kevin Fontenot is the VP of Growth at TrainedUp. Kevin is passionate about helping pastors scale their impact through repeatable growth systems. He has served in a variety of ministry positions primarily focused on discipleship and creative ministry in small churches. Kevin loves getting to work with so many different pastors through his work at TrainedUp.


Dale Sellers

Executive Director, 95Network

Dale Sellers is the Executive Director of 95Network, a ministry designed to connect small and mid-size churches to BIG resources. Throughout his 37 years of ministry, Dale has served in a wide variety of ministry positions, from Executive Pastor to Lead Pastor to Ministry Consultant. Above all, he is dedicated to serving the small and mid-size church in America.

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