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No repurposed sermons here. Every video in the TrainedUp library was designed specifically for our platform. You’ll find hundreds of videos on volunteer, Bible, and leadership training.

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All of our in-house videos have the same quality, follow the same style, and provide a consistent video experience for your people. Here are a few examples to see how they look and feel. To get a deeper demonstration of everything in the TrainedUp platform, request a demo.

Group Leader Sample

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Below you’ll find a list of all videos in our library as well as the videos scheduled to release in the coming 2-4 weeks.

Kids Ministry - 14 videos

Course: Getting Started in Kids Ministry: Volume 1

  • Introduction to Children’s Ministry
  • 5 Things Every Kids’ Ministry Volunteer Needs To Know
  • 4 Things You Should Know About Building Trust and Rapport
  • 6 Things Children’s Ministry Volunteers Should Tell Children
  • 8 Encouragements for Children’s Ministry Volunteers
  • Making Child Drop Off Less Worrisome For Kids And Parents

Course: Getting Started in Kids Ministry: Volume 2

  • 5 Tips For Dealing With Temper Tantrums
  • 5 Traits of the Perfect Children’s Ministry Room
  • 6 Ways To Help Parents Engage With Their Children About God
  • 6 Ways That Volunteers Can Keep Kids Safe
  • Guidelines for Physical Touch and Restrooms

Course: Working with Special Needs Children

  • Working with Special Needs Children: Part 1
  • Working with Special Needs Children: Part 2
  • 5 Personal Rewards of Working with Special Needs Children
Youth Ministry - 19 videos

Course: Appropriate Interactions With Students

  •   Appropriate Communication with Students
  •   Appropriate Social Media Interaction
  •   Guidelines For Adult Relationships
  •   5 Ways To Connect Appropriately with Youth Outside of Church

Course: Youth Ministry Basics

  • Intro to Student Ministry
  • 5 Myths About Youth Volunteers
  • 4 Realities for Youth Ministry Volunteers
  • 8 Things You Need to Know About Student Ministry
  • 4 Things You Should Know About Building Trust and Rapport
  • How to be a Great Youth Event Chaperone

Course: Working with Special Needs Youth

  • Working with Special Needs Youth: Part 1
  • Working with Special Needs Youth: Part 2

Course: Student Behavior in Youth Ministry

  • How to Recognize and Handle Bullying
  • 4 Tips for Recognizing At-Risk Behavior
  • Recognizing and Handling Negative Behavior
  • How to Identify and Handle Sexual Misconduct
  • Guidelines for Physical Touch

Course: Effective Small Groups In Youth Ministry

  • Get Your Small Group Talking
  • How To Follow Up With Visitors To Your Small Group
Small Groups - 11 videos

Course: Introduction to Small Groups

  • 5 Things a Group Leader Can Do to Foster Friendships and Community
  • 6 Ways to Encourage Conversation in a Group Setting
  • 6 Traits of a Healthy Small Group
  • 5 Methods for Keeping Track of Your Group’s Prayer Requests
  • 7 Icebreakers for Adults Group Leaders
  • How to Ask Engaging Questions in a Small Group
  • How to Prepare to Lead a Bible or Group Lesson

Course: Going Deeper with Small Groups

  • 5 Ways Small Group Leaders Can Pour Into Group Members’ Lives
  • Attributes Of A Successful Small Group Leader
  • Habits That Small Group Leaders Should Work Toward
  • Tips For Communication Outside Weekly Gatherings
Safety/Emergency Response - 26 videos

Course: CPR Basics: What You Need To Know

  • Introduction to CPR Training
  • The Five Fears Of Helping
  • How To Access EMS
  • The Latest CPR Updates
  • When CPR Doesn’t Work
  • Special Considerations for CPR and Choking

Course: CPR for Adults and Children

  • Adult Rescue Breathing
  • Hands Only CPR
  • Adult CPR
  • Child Rescue Breathing
  • Child CPR
  • Infant Anatomical Landmarks
  • Infant Rescue Breathing
  • Infant CPR
  • Neonatal Basic Life Support

Course: What To Do When Someone Is Choking

  • Conscious Adult Choking
  • Unconscious Adult Choking
  • Conscious Child Choking
  • Unconscious Child Choking
  • Conscious Infant Choking
  • Unconscious Infant Choking

Course: What To Do In Other Emergency Situations

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Shock
  • Agonal Respiration
  • Cleaning Up Bodily Fluids
Greeters/Guest Services - 8 videos

Course: Greeters and Guest Services: Best Practices

  • 4 Ways To Be Approachable As A Greeter
  • 5 Ways Greeters And Guest Services Can Improve Nonverbal Communication
  • Informed Greeters Are Better Greeters
  • Making A Lasting First Impression On Guests

Course: How to be a Great Church Greeter

  • 4 Tips to be a Better Greeter
  • Church Greeters: Be Mindful of These 8 Things
  • 7 Pitfalls That Church Greeters Should Avoid
  • 5 Facts Every Church Greeter Needs to Know
General Volunteering - 4 videos

Course: Introduction to Volunteering

  • Why Is Serving God Important?
  • 7 Benefits of Serving Your Church
  • 6 Ways You Can Help Encourage Your Friends To Volunteer
  • 5 Bible Verses About Serving Others
Ministry Technology - 79 videos

Course: How to Use MediaShout for Worship

  • 48 Video Modules

Course: How to use ProPresenter

  • 31 Video Modules
Care Ministry - 6 videos

Course: Introduction to Care Ministry

  • An Introduction to Biblical Care Ministry
  • Who is responsible for care ministry?
  • The Art of Listening
  • Comforting People Through Their Grief
  • Caring for People Experiencing Different Types of Loss
  • Caring For Those in Crisis
Bible Training - 93 videos

New Believer Foundations

  • A new standing with God
  • A new Creation
  • Spiritual forgiveness
  • Adoption into God’s Family
  • Assurance of Salvation

Next Steps for New Believers

  • Baptism: Your first step of obedience
  • Listen to God: Reading the Bible
  • Talk to God: Prayer and meditation
  • Connect with Christians: Biblical community
  • Tell someone: Sharing your good news

A Brief Study of Believer’s Baptism

  • The Command to Be Baptized
  • Examples of Baptism in the Bible
  • The Method of Baptism

Reading the Bible for Spiritual Growth

  • The Bible as Spiritual Nourishment
  • Making a Plan to Be Consistent
  • Using Bible Reading Tools
  • Getting the Context Right
  • Why Should Christians Read the Bible?

Spending Quality Time with God (SOAP)

  • What is the SOAP Bible Reading Method?
  • Scripture: Identify the Passage that Stands Out
  • Observation: Record What Sticks with You
  • Application: Clarify How it Affects You
  • Prayer: Talk to God About the Passage
  • Tools for SOAP

A Simple System for Biblical Prayer (ACTS)

  • What is the ACTS Prayer Method?
  • Adoration: Praise God
  • Confession: Come Clean
  • Thanksgiving: Be Grateful
  • Supplication: Make Your Request

The Contents of the Bible (OT/NT Overview)

  • Why the Bible was Written
  • Old Testament History
  • Old Testament Poetry and Prophecy
  • New Testament Gospels
  • New Testament Letters and Teaching

Jesus in the Old Testament

  • Jesus at Creation
  • Jesus with Israel
  • Jesus Pictured in Archetypes
  • Jesus Foretold

Can I Trust that the Bible is True?

  • The Bible’s Unique Preservation
  • The Bible is Prophetically Accurate
  • The Bible was Believed by Jesus
  • The Bible Cannot be Proven False

The Problem and Nature of Sin

  • What Sin is and is not
  • Where Sin Came From
  • Our Sin and God’s Holiness
  • God’s Final Solution for the Sin Problem
  • Sin in the Life of the Christian

Introduction to the Trinity

  • Historical Views of the Trinity
  • The Unity of God
  • The Uniqueness of Each Person of the Trinity

Church in the Life of the Believer

  • What is the Church?
  • Church in the Old and New Testament
  • Community that Builds You Up
  • A Chance to Build Up Others
  • The Whole is Greater Than its Parts

Tithing and Generosity

  • What is Tithing?
  • Your Stuff is His Stuff
  • Examples of Tithing in the Bible
  • Promises Related to Generosity

The Teachings of Jesus

  • Jesus’ Overarching Theme
  • The Kingdom
  • Righteousness
  • Parables and Principles
  • Prophecies

Jesus Fulfills Prophecy

  • The What and Why of Prophecy
  • The Coming King
  • The Coming Preacher
  • The Coming Sacrifice
  • The Coming Savior

The Holy Spirit: Our Helper

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • The Holy Spirit and Encouragement (help for discouragement and sorrow)
  • The Holy Spirit and Prayer (help for talking to God)
  • The Holy Spirit and Understanding (help for understanding the Bible)
  • The Holy Spirit and Conviction (help for seeing sin)
  • The Holy Spirit and Power (help for evangelism and missions)

Introduction to Discipleship

  • Learning Versus Becoming
  • Spiritual Formations
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Mentoring and Being Mentored
  • Sanctification and its Goal

The Second Coming of Jesus

  • What the Bible Says
  • Why Jesus’ Second Coming is Important for Today
  • What to do While We Wait
  • Expectation Without Distraction

How to Read the Old Testament

  • A Healthy Approach to Historical Books
  • God’s People, God’s Plan
  • The Point of the Law
  • Reading the OT with an Eye on the NT

Biblical Basics of Church Membership

  • The Point of Membership
  • What Membership Is Not (privilege, access to pastor, etc.)
  • Investing for the Long Haul
  • Biblical Obligations of Membership
  • Biblical Benefits of Membership
Leadership Development - 28 videos

Course: Defining Leadership

  • Leadership Means Taking Responsibility
  • What Leadership is Not
  • The Role of Realism in Leadership
  • Supporting the Success of Your Team

Course: Goal Setting for Ministry Leaders

  • A Simple Framework for Setting Ministry Goals
  • Communicating Goals to Your Team
  • Common Pitfalls When Setting Team Goals
  • Holding Your Team Accountable to Goals

Course: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical for Leaders
  • Four Components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Identifying Emotional Intelligence in Those You Lead
  • Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Course: Decision Making in Leadership

  • How Decision Making Impacts Leadership Effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence in Decision Making
  • Managing Uncertainty and Choices
  • Trusting Your Intuition

Course: Time Management

  • Why Time Management is So Important: Part 1
  • Why Time Management is So Important: Part 2
  • Managing Personal Energy
  • 7 Time Management Strategies

Course: Communication in Leadership

  • Why Communication is Central to Good Leadership
  • Communicating with Clarity for Mutual Understanding
  • Schedule and Commit to a Rhythm
  • Followups: Your Secret Weapon for Killer Communication

Course: Stress-Free Project Management for Ministry Leaders

  • Project Management for Ministry Leaders: Part 1
  • Project Management for Ministry Leaders: Part 2
  • Project Management for Ministry Leaders: Part 3
  • Project Management for Ministry Leaders: Wrap Up

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