Training For This Millenium

TrainedUp is all about straight-forward online video courses. We made the learning experience simple enough for even the most tech-phobic church people. There’s nothing here that will confuse Miss Betty, promise.

A central hub for learning

The way people learn is changing. Online schools are commonplace. Churches are beginning to move toward online teaching, too. TrainedUp lets you gather all your training into one, organized place. Your church people, volunteers and leaders, will be able to go to one location to get access to everything. From vision casting to volunteer orientation, missions and evangelism, leadership development and staff training, it can all live in one place.

So simple, there’s nothing to learn

Getting started with a new online tool can be intimidating. We wanted TrainedUp to be as easy to use as possible. When you start building courses in TrainedUp, you’ll find that every step and option is obvious. And how courses are organized is straight-forward, too. Each course has a title, featured image, a description, and as many modules as you need. Each module lets you upload or record a video, add files, notes, and questions for your learner to answer.

Start fast with our pre-built courses

After helping hundreds of ministry leaders with online volunteer training, we’ve realized that it can be intimidating starting from scratch. That’s why we’ve built a library of high-quality video courses to help you get started fast without having to reinvent the wheel. Our library covers just about every ministry area in your average church. You can add a ready to use course in a single click and every part of the course is fully customizable!

Track everyone’s learning progress

A huge advantage of using an online tool for training is that you can keep track of how everyone is progressing while they learn. With TrainedUp, you’ll have up-to-the-minute data about each learners engagement with training. Our reporting tool allows you to see everyone’s progress including their answers to any of the questions that you’ve created! You’ll even get an email every time one of your learners completes a course.

TrainedUp works on any device

You can’t expect your church people to sit at a computer to learn. And we don’t expect you to only use a computer to create courses, either. That’s why TrainedUp works on any device, smartphones and tablets included. Your learners can enroll in courses, watch videos, and answer questions from whatever device they have with them. You can create engaging training courses from your phone without ever touching a computer. It’s very 2017.

Want to see more?
Have questions?

A demo is the best way to get a solid feel for TrainedUp. It’s 3 videos totaling 10 minutes and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to our team! There’s also absolutely zero pressure to sign up.

TrainedUp comes packed with useful features.

Import Pre-Built Courses

Your church will get unlimited access to our growing library of professional video courses covering hundreds of topics including volunteer training, Bible training, and leadership development.

Custom Video Service

We’ve made a significant investment to provide an optional pay-as-you-go Video Production Service (TrainedUp VPS) that gives you access to our professional video production team.

Unlimited Video Uploading

Your church gets unlimited video uploading and recording. Every video is stored in HD quality on blazing fast servers.

Super Simple Course Builder

Build multi-part courses in minutes, not hours. There’s nothing to configure, no settings to adjust, and no design to customize.

Organize Courses by Ministry Area

Keep your courses organized with our simple course category tool. Your learners will be able to easily find the courses for their ministry area.

Add Files and Quiz Questions

Share documents, Powerpoint files, PDFs, and add quiz questions directly to your courses. See each learners answers as they complete modules.

Train Consistently Across Locations

Have multiple locations? Our multi-site feature allows you to add campus leaders and group learners by location.

Completely Automated Reminders

Never worry about constantly needing to follow up. TrainedUp automatically follows up with your learners if they haven’t completed a course.

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