Training Doesn't Have To Be Hard

TrainedUp has everything you need to train your team more effectively


Train Everyone On Your Team

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get everyone on your team to come to a training meeting? Unfortunately, the reality is that typically less than 60% of people show up for training meetings based on research we’ve done. That leaves a lot of people untrained. TrainedUp lets you avoid the training meeting altogether, while getting everyone on your team trained and ready to serve. Through our customizable online training platform you’ll create training for your ministry in just a few minutes that your team members can access at any time using only a phone or computer.

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Save Time With An Efficient Training System

Ministry is incredibly fulfilling, but it can also be incredibly demanding. You’ve got a ton on your plate. In fact, at times it seems like more and more keeps getting piled on and nothing ever gets done. We understand because we’ve been there. TrainedUp is designed with busy ministry leaders like yourself in mind. TrainedUp is incredibly simple to use while giving you everything you need to train your team members effectively. You’ll be up and running in just minutes, while saving hours of time each and every month.

Learn how TrainedUp helps you save time while equipping your team members with better training in our demo.


Know When Someone Is Ready To Serve

Knowing when someone is truly ready to serve is difficult. TrainedUp gives you an in-depth view of each person that completes training. You’re able to ask engaging questions and see how they answered in a report that is automatically emailed to you whenever someone completes a training course. There’s no more guesswork about whether or not they paid attention during training, you’ll know exactly when someone is ready to serve.

Learn how TrainedUp helps you know when a team member is ready to serve in our demo.

Expert Advice Whenever You Need It

At TrainedUp, we’re serious about serving ministry leaders. You’ll have access to our online training experts for live coaching calls to get started fast, quick live chats when you need help, and on-demand video training. We’ll help you get the most out of TrainedUp, plan your training courses, and get your learners going. As ministry leaders ourselves, we have years of experience with online ministry training that we love to share.

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Everything You Need To Train Your Team

700+ Ready To Use Videos

You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to train your team. TrainedUp features over 700 videos designed to help your team members get the training they need. You’ll find videos for all kinds of volunteer roles as well as videos for Bible training and leadership development.

Open API To Connect To Other Apps

You shouldn't have to spend hours moving data between platforms. We've created a simple yet powerful API that lets you connect TrainedUp to your favorite church apps including your church management system and scheduling tool.

Upload Custom Videos Or Record Them With A Webcam

TrainedUp includes unlimited space for you to upload or record your own training videos. Whether you have a video team, a series of videos you’ve purchased elsewhere, or it’s just you and your webcam, we’ve made creating custom training easy.

No Passwords To Forget

Your team members have enough passwords to remember. With TrainedUp, all you need is an email address to access training. Your team members will receive a personalized smartlink that gives them access to their training automatically without the need for a password.

Easily Sort People Into Ministry Groups

Your church is full of different teams. TrainedUp makes it easy for you to organize your people into ministry groups that match your church’s language. This makes finding your team members easy when enrolling in training or viewing reports.

Automatic Reminders For Your Team

Don’t worry about team members forgetting to finish training. TrainedUp automatically sends a reminder email once per week to anyone who is currently enrolled in a course but has yet to complete it. It’s one more thing checked off your to-do list.

Automated Training Tracks

Training often takes more than one step. That’s why TrainedUp lets you create a series of training courses for your team members to complete. As they complete training courses, they’ll be automatically enrolled in the next course. You can even automatically add someone to a track when you create their account.

Bulk User Management To Save Time

If you have more than a handful of volunteers, doing anything manually is going to take a lot of time. TrainedUp makes it easy to manage a lot of users easily. Whether you need to change their user type or enroll all of your team members in a course, it only takes a few clicks.

Branding To Match Your Church

Your logo communicates a lot to your team members. With custom branding, your logo is displayed at the top of your training account for everyone to see. Your team members will know they’re in the right place at just a glance.

Multi-Site Support For Scalable Training

TrainedUp includes multi-site features that we’ve developed alongside some of the largest multi-site churches in America. They each use TrainedUp to easily scale their training across all of their campuses while giving central staff powerful reporting data.

Choose What Training Courses People Can See

There are times when some training shouldn’t be accessible to everyone. TrainedUp lets you easily designate courses as private or invite-only so that only those who need to access the training are able to do so.

Train Your Church Leaders Like Never Before

Get 100% Of Your People On Board With Our Easy To Use Training Platform.

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