Equipping Ministry Leaders to Equip the Saints

Leadership Development Principles for your Church

March 27, 2018

As ministry leaders, one of our top priorities is to raise up leaders. Yet, the typical leadership development framework is broken in most churches. Instead of raising up those that have been in a position of learning, modeling, and discipling, we instantly elevate those that have ‘leadership potential’. However, the…

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These Ministry Volunteer Surveys Are A Source of Leadership Gold

March 19, 2018

The last presidential election was bonkers. Aside from the obvious oddities, the other big story was about polling data. During every election that I can remember, polls have dominated the news cycle for the couple of years leading up to the election. News organizations, polling companies, and nonprofits all vie…

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Announcing New Training for Worship Leaders and Volunteers in the TrainedUp Library

March 13, 2018

The TrainedUp Library is growing again! We add new training video courses every month to the TrainedUp Library and this month is no different. Last month we announced new training for children’s ministry volunteers focused on child safety and abuse prevention. This month we’re shifting gears to bring you training…

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7 Ways To Get More ROI From Your Sermons

February 27, 2018

Writing a sermon is an arduous journey. On average, pastors spend 9.5 hours every week writing their sermon for the upcoming Sunday. That is more time than they spend eating during the week. The average pastors spends over 400 hours a year in sermon preparation. With most pastors preaching more…

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Introducing Bulk User Management for TrainedUp

February 22, 2018

One of our core values at TrainedUp is to always be improving. Every month we get to connect with hundreds of pastors and learn how we can better serve them. Today we’re excited to announce 2 improvements to TrainedUp! We had planned both of these improvements for later in 2018,…

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My Top Leadership Communication Secret: The Follow-Up

February 19, 2018

In 2009, I got in way over my head in a new job. I’d been hired as project manager with the Digerati at Life.Church (then LifeChurch.tv). My job was to organize all the digital missions work at Life.Church, keep projects moving forward, and maintain open communication on the team. After…

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9 Ways To Prevent Child Abuse In Your Children’s Ministry

February 13, 2018

Churches are not immune to child abuse. In fact, minors in churches can unwittingly become uniquely vulnerable to predators for many reasons. Churches and ministry leaders have a spiritual, moral, and legal responsibility to protect minors and the vulnerable from abuse. This video is a sample from the TrainedUp video…

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How to Explain Salvation to a Child

February 6, 2018

Kids ask so many questions. Most of those questions are somewhere between cute (“Have you met my imaginary friend?”) and concerning (“Did my mommy pack an extra pair of underwear for me?”). Somewhere on that spectrum are spiritual questions. Kids ask why Zacchaeus was so small and how Noah built…

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Introducing Disciple Labs, A New Member of the TrainedUp Family

January 30, 2018

We’ve got some big news. Over the last few months, we’ve (not so) secretly been working on Disciple Labs, a new project aimed at helping churches track spiritual health in their church. This new project will function as an independent company that is part of the TrainedUp family. We couldn’t…

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