Equipping Ministry Leaders to Equip the Saints

The Easiest Way To Train Your Team – No Passwords Required

April 23, 2018

At TrainedUp, we believe that training should be easy. That philosophy drives everything we do, from new features to new library videos. For the last year, we’ve focused on making the process of creating training as easy as possible for you as a ministry leader. We routinely see people sign…

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8 Topics to Include in Your Church’s New Members Class

April 23, 2018

Church membership is different at every church. Church beliefs about membership vary between congregations. Even in cases where membership beliefs are identical, language and expectations around membership often differ. Since membership is different at every church, people transferring their membership from another church need to know how membership is unique…

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Books To Read With Your Church Staff at Each Growth Level

April 20, 2018

To build a successful church, you’ve got to lead your team to work together. Everyone has to be on the same page, collaborating toward the same goals. I’m not sure if enthusiastically shouting words like ‘synergy’ at each other is necessary, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. How do you create…

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An Honest Conversation About Failure

April 18, 2018

This post has been adapted from episode 4 of our podcast. You can listen to the full podcast here, watch the video below, or keep reading. Kevin Fontenot: Hey there, I’m Kevin Fontenot and I’m here with Scott Magdalein, we’re your hosts of the Thriving Ministry Teams Podcast, the podcast…

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#TrainedUpTips: How to Track Your Church Staff Reading Schedule

April 17, 2018

By far, the most popular method for helping your church leaders grow is to read a book together. That’s pretty reasonable, too. The amount of wisdom packed between the binder of a good book can be vast! Why Reading Together with Your Church Staff Works So Well Reading together lets…

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58 Practical Examples Of Church Leadership Development Curriculum

April 16, 2018

I was talking with a pastor this week during a coaching session. He confessed to me that he knew he should be developing his leaders, or at least helping them grow, but the task was overwhelming. He had two major problems. First, his schedule was full and the thought of…

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8 Underappreciated Leadership Characteristics of a Pastor

April 13, 2018

Being a church leader isn’t easy. There are near-constant demands from every direction. You’re expected to be everything for everyone. But you’re only human, with the same flaws and faults as those you seek to help. So how do you pull off leading a church? You may think that being…

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Train Like a Vlogger

April 12, 2018

As I get older, I realize that there are things I need to learn that I never expected. For example, I’ve had to learn how to manage YouTube content filtering settings for my kids. I’ve had to learn how to manage my Facebook profile data. I’ve had to learn how…

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3 Types of Surveys That Will Improve Your Ministry Effectiveness

April 11, 2018

As I get older, I’m becoming more of a “tools guy.” That means I find myself browsing at Home Depot instead of just going in to grab the one thing I need. I’ve also realized that my tool collection is growing…much to my wife’s annoyance. Among all of my tools…

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