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security training for church volunteers

Where to Start with Church Security Training

October 8, 2018

When it comes to security at your church, few churches get it right. Most churches settle for a volunteer walking the grounds during services. Some have a security team roving on golf carts while others opt to hire an off-duty police officer to maintain presence on campus. In reality, every…

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Church Organizational Charts: Benefits, Types, and How to Build One Yourself

September 25, 2018

Every church needs an organizational chart. An org chart is a visualization of your entire organization. Org charts are traditionally hierarchical and show the relationship of each person to one another with both employees and leadership included. How You Can Benefit from Having an Organizational Chart Org charts are useful…

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How This Growing Multi-Site Church In New York City Uses TrainedUp To Scale Their Impact

September 24, 2018

We all understand the struggle of busy church members. Church is just one thing on a long list of activities for most people. For Liberty Church, a multi-site church located in the city that never sleeps, they may understand this issue better than most. Liberty found that getting people in…

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How Summit Church Benefited From Online Training In A Rural Community

September 21, 2018

Online training isn’t just for churches located in growing cities. Kim Masengale has learned this first hand as the women’s pastor at Summit Church in Indiana, PA, a town of roughly 13,000 people located 60 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Since she and her husband joined the staff at Summit Church,…

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An Inside Look Into How Volunteers At Substance Church Reacted To Online Training

September 20, 2018

“In our kids ministry, we did not have a training system for our volunteers. We’d send out an email with some information and tell people to show up on Sunday. We’d hand them a t-shirt, give them a couple of policies, and wish them good luck.” Does this sound familiar?…

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How Foothills Church Streamlined Their Training Process And Increased Volunteers By 30%

September 19, 2018

Can you imagine 98% of your volunteers all being available at the same time and actually attending a training meeting? Despite the reality that those kind of results are next to impossible to achieve with meetings, Landon Reynolds and his family ministry team at Foothills Church were able to get…

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Church Partners & Course Templates: When it Comes to Training, More is More

September 19, 2018

Ever since I started TrainedUp, our purpose has been to empower ministry leaders to equip your people for the work of ministry. To that end, we’ve always provided flexible and powerful tools for you to create your own training. In early 2017, we redesigned everything from scratch, adding some innovative…

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How To Give And Receive Feedback With Your Church Volunteers

September 12, 2018

This post has been adapted from episode 16 of our podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast here or read the transcript below.  Kevin Fontenot: Hey there, I’m Kevin Fontenot and I’m here with Scott Magdalein. We’re your hosts of the Thriving Ministry Teams Podcast, where we talk about all things related…

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Top 8 Most Effective Church Outreach Ideas for Spring, Summer, and Fall

September 6, 2018

Churches grow when they focus on outreach. There are tons of ways to grow a ministry, but outreach initiatives have proven themselves as useful for decades. Outreach initiatives are cross-generational. Millennials and Boomers will engage in an outreach initiative…well, maybe not Gen-Xers, but that’s because the punk rock generation still…

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