Creating Custom Courses From The TrainedUp Library Is Here!

The best training material is holistic in nature and always provides a firm foundation to be built on top of. It’s no surprise that this is also true when it comes to training in your church.

Your people don’t just need to be taught basic skill training. Instead, they need a firm foundation that can be built on top of in the years to come.

To date, we’ve structured our TrainedUp library around the idea of fully functional courses that help your team go deeper in a single subject area.

With our library growing to close to 500 total videos last month, we needed a better way for leaders to create custom courses from our library.

We’re excited to announce that we have released a new update to TrainedUp that allows you to mix and match videos from our library into a single course.

In doing this, we redesigned how the library functioned and as a result have made discovering great content even easier. We’ve also added a dedicated library tab inside of the TrainedUp platform for you to be able to browse at any time without needing to create a course first.

This new functionality makes it easier than ever for you to train and equip your people on any subject.

How The TrainedUp Library Works

When creating a leadership training program at your church, you want to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the basics. Using TrainedUp, you can now create a course to do just that.

We would start by creating a new course. I’ve called mine Leadership Training.

Next, we will utilize the pre-existing content inside of TrainedUp to create our finished course in just a few minutes.

We’ll click on the new Library tab where we can sort through all of the available videos.

I see that there is a course called ‘Decision Making in leadership’ in the library that has a module about emotional intelligence. That’s something that I want as a core competency for my leaders so after watching the video, I add it to my Leadership Training course that I’ve created.

I find a few more videos on communication, personal devotion, and greeting guests that I also add to my new course.

Once I’ve added in these videos into my course, I can then go and customize each of the video modules to add in questions, notes, and additional files. For this course, I also would create a new video of myself talking that shared the vision behind why they were being asked to complete the training.

Once I’ve finished editing my course, I can simply share the course link with my team or add them directly to the course from the TrainedUp dashboard.

Want To Try TrainedUp For Yourself?

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About Scott Magdalein

Scott Magdalein is the founder of TrainedUp. Previously, he worked as project manager for YouVersion and Church Online, a software developer at Treehouse, a digital director for an ad agency, and as an Executive Pastor in multiple local churches. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and two boys.

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