17 Free Church Leadership Training Materials

Leadership development has a resource challenge. There are thousands and thousands of resources, but it’s hard to find good ones and it’s hard to find ones that fit your budget. However, because I believe in developing leaders in and for ministry, I wanted to help you find resources that will definitely fit your budget, even…

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An Honest Conversation About Failure

This post has been adapted from episode 4 of our podcast. You can listen to the full podcast here, watch the video below, or keep reading. Kevin Fontenot: Hey there, I’m Kevin Fontenot and I’m here with Scott Magdalein, we’re your hosts of the Thriving Ministry Teams Podcast, the podcast where we’re talking about all…

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All Growth Begins with Self-Awareness

My first year on the YouVersion Bible App team was exciting and challenging. I joined the team to help with partnerships and community-building. Like any new job, the first year came with a learning curve and the need to pick up new skills. I had never been part of a technology team before, so I…

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