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17 Free Church Leadership Training Materials

Leadership development has a resource challenge. There are thousands and thousands of resources, but it’s hard to find good ones and it’s hard to find ones that fit your budget. However, because I believe in developing leaders in and for ministry, I wanted to help you find resources that will definitely fit your budget, even…

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How to DIY Your Own Church Leadership Academy

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re a church leader. But what is a church leader? There are many different levels of leadership within every church. Leadership could mean a member of the clergy or staff. But it could also be a key volunteer that has been given responsibility for a ministry. Regardless of your…

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Books To Read With Your Church Staff at Each Growth Level

To build a successful church, you’ve got to lead your team to work together. Everyone has to be on the same page, collaborating toward the same goals. I’m not sure if enthusiastically shouting words like ‘synergy’ at each other is necessary, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. How do you create harmony for your church staff?…

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8 Underappreciated Leadership Characteristics of a Pastor

Being a church leader isn’t easy. There are near-constant demands from every direction. You’re expected to be everything for everyone. But you’re only human, with the same flaws and faults as those you seek to help. So how do you pull off leading a church? You may think that being a great church leader depends…

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Why “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” is Toxic to Ministry Staffing

Hiring staff members can be one of your most important decisions as a church leader. Who is on your team greatly impacts your church’s direction, effectiveness, and integrity. And your hiring process helps dictate who joins your team and how long they stay. There is a controversial staffing strategy floating around the business world that…

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Is Your Leadership Style Helping or Hurting You?

Your leadership style — how you make decisions, connect with and influence others, delegate, handle conflict, cast vision — is shaped by many factors. Your family history and work experience, along with your personality and internal wiring, impact how you think about and “do” leadership today. Leaders we have worked with, for better or worse,…

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