Childrens Ministry

5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Church for Mother’s Day

The day of days approacheth! No, I’m not a numerologist predicting the return of Jesus. I’ll be steering clear of that silliness, thank you very much. I mean Mother’s Day! It’s a big deal, not just for moms, but for churches, too. Is your church ready to make the most of it? Pastors have a…

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9 Ways To Prevent Child Abuse In Your Children’s Ministry

Churches are not immune to child abuse. In fact, minors in churches can unwittingly become uniquely vulnerable to predators for many reasons. Churches and ministry leaders have a spiritual, moral, and legal responsibility to protect minors and the vulnerable from abuse. This video is a sample from the TrainedUp video training library. It’s one module…

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How to Explain Salvation to a Child

Kids ask so many questions. Most of those questions are somewhere between cute (“Have you met my imaginary friend?”) and concerning (“Did my mommy pack an extra pair of underwear for me?”). Somewhere on that spectrum are spiritual questions. Kids ask why Zacchaeus was so small and how Noah built such a big boat with…

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