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How to Develop and Sustain a Volunteer Culture

This post is a contribution from Dale Sellers, the Executive Director of 95Network. Read more about him here. As I’ve worked with churches over the years, one topic that leaders consistently struggle with is the development of a strong volunteer culture. Churches depend on volunteers. But it often feels like there’s never enough to go…

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Where to Start with Church Security Training

security training for church volunteers

When it comes to security at your church, few churches get it right. Most churches settle for a volunteer walking the grounds during services. Some have a security team roving on golf carts while others opt to hire an off-duty police officer to maintain presence on campus. In reality, every church needs a security plan…

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Top 8 Most Effective Church Outreach Ideas for Spring, Summer, and Fall

Churches grow when they focus on outreach. There are tons of ways to grow a ministry, but outreach initiatives have proven themselves as useful for decades. Outreach initiatives are cross-generational. Millennials and Boomers will engage in an outreach initiative…well, maybe not Gen-Xers, but that’s because the punk rock generation still has issues with institutions and…

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5 Reasons Your Volunteers Are Underperforming (And How to Fix It)

Every ministry leader who also leads volunteers can tell you stories about being frustrated with volunteers who are not performing well. If you lead people, you’re going to have stories, too. In the volunteer world, underperforming can look like a lot of different things. Sometimes volunteers will underperform by showing up late on a Sunday…

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4 Crucial Lessons Pastors Should Learn from Entrepreneurs

Many pastors are uncomfortable with relating any ministry experience to business experience. You often see pastors reject leadership principles or management strategies that are gleaned from business leaders. If you’re in that camp, skip to the bottom of this post. The rest is not meant for you. Why Entrepreneurs, Specifically? Among business leaders, entrepreneurs are…

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