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Born Out Of Ministry

I was the new Associate Pastor at a church that was trying to transition from dying to thriving. The existing congregation loved Jesus, but they’d forgotten how to serve one another and their community. We needed to spend lots of time training and retraining every person.

Like any established church, the calendar was already full of “ministry options” that we weren’t keen to cancel just yet. Scheduling more midweek meetings wasn’t an option, either.

With my background in web development, I decided to build a little online learning tool that we could use to bring training to our people, in their homes, on their schedule. It took a week and it wasn’t pretty, but the first version worked like a charm. Our people were learning and bringing their newfound knowledge to serve their congregation more effectively.

Over time, that little training tool became something more. Other pastors wanted to use it, I gave it a name, I hired Jared and then Kevin. Now, over two years later, we’re serving hundreds of ministry leaders all over the world and we’re growing fast.

We’re proud that we keep our prices low, provide live chat support to every customer, and we’re self-sustaining, which means we’ll be around for the long haul. We love that God has given us this stewardship: to equip ministry leaders to equip their people for the work of ministry.

Scott Magdalein, CEO

A Team That Loves The Church


Scott Magdalein
Founder & CEO

Scott wakes up every morning with one question on his mind: what do ministry leaders need to be effective and build healthy ministries? Scott leads TrainedUp with 13 years of ministry experience and over a decade of technology leadership. He’s also a husband and father and loves dogs and boats.


Jared Gibson
Director of Engineering

Jared loves helping church leaders equip their people for the work of ministry. He has served as a lay leader at several churches and lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife, Amanda.


Kevin Fontenot
VP of Growth

Kevin is passionate about helping churches make disciples with technology. In the past, He has served on staff at churches, overseeing small groups and creative ministry. He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Brooke and their two dogs.

Ben Staton

Ben Staton
Church Training Advisor

Ben is excited to help churches take the next step in their mission. He has been around the church his whole life serving in ministries like youth, audio/visual, discipleship, and first impressions. This experience has shown him what it takes to help churches grow. He loves his wife Micah, his dog Jake and being outdoors.


Aimee Scott
Customer Success Manager

Aimee is passionate about helping churches grow and solve problems through technology. She was raised in church and has worked in kids ministry at a large multisite church since college. She lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband, Ethan, and her two sons.

Zoe - Profile

TrainedUp Pup

Zoe is an all around goob girl who loves helping TrainedUp customers through chat. She lives on the internet and is anxiously waiting for the people from WeRateDogs to certify that she is a 15/10 helper.

We're Changing How Church Software Is Developed

At TrainedUp, we’re committed to building the best platform available to help church leaders train their people for ministry. With this as a focus, we’re constantly working to deliver new features and updates. We deliver these updates every month based on the feedback from churches that are actively using TrainedUp. We believe that the best software is not just full of features but is also extremely easy to use and provides a great experience. We thrive on feedback, both good and bad, because we want to continue to make improvements that make ministry easier for you.

Trusted By Hundreds Of Church Leaders


Jacin Humphrey
The Worship Center

Jacin and his team use TrainedUp to equip their new deacons for ministry. Their online leadership academy helps to free up more time for mentoring and relationship building.


Danny Best
Liberty Church

Danny and his team use TrainedUp to onboard new volunteer team members. With 6 locations and 2 more on the way, training volunteers is an integral part of their church.


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