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What is TrainedUp and How Does It Work?

We believe volunteer training should be accessible and accountable. Training accessibility helps your people learn and grow with fewer obstacles. Training accountability helps ministry leaders know who is and isn’t ready to serve.

What are other church leaders saying?

Train Without Another Meeting

You and I both know the pain of training volunteers. You schedule a training event to only get a few people showing up. What do you do with the rest who didn’t show up? TrainedUp makes it easy to move your volunteer training online so people can be trained without having to call another meeting at the church building.

Carey Nieuwhof

Founding and Teaching Pastor, Connexus Church

Beyond Volunteer Training

The platform TrainedUp provides has been so easy to use, we’re now dreaming of ways to use it beyond volunteer training. We’ve developed a whole strategy of enhancing and supplementing our discipleship and leadership development through online learning.

Clayton Bell

Lead Pastor, Trinity New Life Church

Our Go-to Training Platform

We all agree we have to equip those we lead, but how do we do it in a way that fits their learning styles and busy schedules? TrainedUp is our go-to platform for designing training content and delivering it with 24/7 convenience.

Bob Bumgarner

Executive Pastor, Chets Creek Church

Training on a Global Level

TrainedUp provides us a platform to serve people on a global level. Their user interface is intuitive and the end product is exceptional. The TrainedUp staff are professional and courteous. Thanks TrainedUp!

Josh Dryer

Church Planting Strategist, Jacksonville Baptist Association

Training church volunteers is way harder than it should be.

Churches of every size face challenges when trying to equip their people for ministry; small churches, big churches, and everyone in between. Maybe you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement as you read.

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Common Questions About TrainedUp

Why should I try TrainedUp?

Getting people up to speed with new information is a tall order. Having to depend on training meetings doesn’t work and most online training options just complicate things further.

Is my training working? Is my team up to speed? Are new volunteers ready and prepared to serve? Did everyone attend the last training event?

Give TrainedUp a try and put all your training in one place. It’s more organized and less frustrating. Plus, I guarantee you’ll save time and money.

Churches of all sizes use TrainedUp to build up volunteers and develop leaders. They love TrainedUp and you will, too.

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts or commitments. Cancel or pause your account at any time.

Are the training videos included or separate?

All of TrainedUp’s high-quality training videos are included for every church to use. They’re baked right into your account. Just choose which ones you want to use.

How often are new training videos released?

We release new training video courses every month. Each month will focus on a specific area of ministry.

Can I see the training videos before I signup?

Yes. In fact, we make all of our training videos publicly available here on our website. You can see every single video before you sign up.

Case Study: How a Growing Church Gets Help from TrainedUp

Pastor Clayton Bell is leading a rapidly growing church in the Tampa, Florida area. As his church body grows, so does his need to recruit, train, and deploy more volunteers.

Read how TrainedUp helps Trinity New Life Church

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