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We’re all busy, it shouldn’t surprise us that our teams are, too. From basketball to ballet to underwater basket weaving, something is always going on. This makes training tough. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. TrainedUp makes it easy for you to move your training online where your team can access it from anywhere. You’ll finally have everyone on board while saving valuable time, money, and resources that can be used elsewhere.


Ready To Use Videos For Every Training Area

Not a professional videographer? Don’t worry. Our training library is constantly expanding and currently contains over 600 videos for volunteer, leadership, and Bible training. Each video has been researched and recorded with online training in mind. You won’t find any repurposed sermons here. Your learners will love our engaging videos because of their practical and brief nature.

Trusted By Hundreds Of Church Leaders


Jacin Humphrey
The Worship Center

Jacin and his team use TrainedUp to equip their new deacons for ministry. Their online leadership academy helps to free up more time for mentoring and relationship building.


Danny Best
Liberty Church

Danny and his team use TrainedUp to onboard new volunteer team members. With 6 locations and 2 more on the way, training volunteers is an integral part of their church.


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